The world’s biggest football tournament
for children aged 10 to 12

United States Boys

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Carol Ellis for United States
12 October 2019

So proud of TEAM USA!! Love you Justin Ellis #4!!
You all did a great job and should be so proud of yourselves!!

Carol Ellis for United States
10 October 2019

We are so proud of each and every one of you! Go Team USA!!

Mariana Borgna for United States
09 October 2019

Enjoy this amazing experience !!! Is fantastic !!! Im so proud of you Guys, you are so rock !!!!! Good luck and make tons of friends !!!!!

Alvaro Giugni for United States
08 October 2019

Let’s go team USA!!!!!! We are so proud of you!

Ana Russo for United States
07 October 2019

Good luck boys!! We are all so proud of you!

Diana Paba for United States
07 October 2019

Very proud of you guys!! ??

Joaquin Campo for United States
24 September 2017

Congratulation We are here so happy watching you and we hope everything is going to be fantastic we are so proud of you LoL hugs xoxoxoxo Hernando,Clara

Martin Arias for United States
22 September 2017

Good Luck guys!!!! Im so happy for you guys

The U12s American boys’ football team at the DNC

The American boys’ football team joined the Danone Nations Cup in 2001. With an honourable 6th place at the 10th edition of the DNC, the U12s American boys’ team has been predicted a bright future.


Americans and football:  what relationship do they have with football?

After a long time being indifferent to football, Americans who are passionate about sports are increasingly interested in football. It was in 1996 that the first football championship emerged in the United States. This competition is organised by the Major League Soccer (MLS). Today, the New York Red Bulls, LAFC, LA Galaxy and Atlanta United FC are among the most popular teams in the MLS.