The world’s biggest football tournament
for children aged 10 to 12
World Finals
2018 & 2019
RCDE Stadium
Barcelona, Spain
700 Kids
27 Countries

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22 countries in competition

Boys’ tournament

20 teams

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8 teams

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15 June 2019
Danone Nations Cup Twitter latest post photo
They will give everything they have to make their team win. We wish good luck to players like@carlytelford1 who will represent their national team and set an example for the young players in their country 😊 #DNC2019 #PlayFootballChangeTheGame
Danone Nations Cup
14 June 2019
Congrats for your win during Bulgaria National Final CSKA Sofia FC ! Ready to represent your country? 🇧🇬 😉

#DNC2019 #PlayFootballChangeTheGame #RoadToBarcelona #Danone #OnePlanetOneHealth
Danone Nations Cup Facebook latest post photo
11 June 2019
Danone Nations Cup Instagram latest post photo
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📸 : Olivier Gauthier
#DNC2019 #PlayFootballChangeTheGame #RoadToBarcelona #Danone #OnePlanetOneHealth #soccergame #soccerskills

Supporters posts

mor gueye for Senegal
07 October 2017

bonjour je voulais m ainscrire dans votre centre de foot

Rafael for United States
07 October 2017

I would like to play for USA

Leon for Mexico
06 October 2017

Me gustaría saber dónde se jugará la copa Danone 2018! Para planear el viaje saludos!

Chávez for Germany
04 October 2017

Cómo se puede competir para representar a México en la Copa 2018

Valle for Mexico
02 October 2017

Como se puede competir para representar a México en la copa Danone 2018?


Mohamed QEMHI for Morocco
01 October 2017

Allez Les Lionceaux … couuuraaage ! vive le MAROC

Faizul for Indonesia
01 October 2017


Valtierra for Germany
01 October 2017

Quiero entrar al equipo pero no se como se ASE ayuda por favor!!de México