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Spain Girls

Spain Girls
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The journey of the Spanish girls’ football team at the Danone Nations Cup

The players of the Spanish girls’ football team have an incredible talent. With the title of best goalkeeper, and their ranking in 3rd place, their journey during the 2018 edition was a success story. The Spanish players triumphed during the 2019 edition by winning the Danone Nations Cup.


The Spaniards and football: a true passion

The first women’s football matches were played in 1914. Poorly viewed and highly criticised, Spanish women’s football was not to everybody’s liking at first. Spanish women’s football grew, and they formed their first unofficial national selection in 1971.  The Royal Spanish Football Federation finally recognised the Spanish national women’s football team in 1983. Today women’s football is played by thousands of enthusiasts. Whenever they appear in stadiums, the Spanish national women’s football team is supported by their enthusiastic fans.


David Albelda, an experienced ambassador

David Albelda is the ambassador for Spain at the Danone Nations Cup. At the age of 15 he started his career in the 3rd division. He joined FC Valencia in 1995 but left the club for the 2nd division following an injury. He built on this experience to improve his game. His efforts payed off and enabled him to re-join FC Valencia, the club where he spent many seasons. David Albelda recognises that the highest level is accessible through effort, perseverance and passion. These are the values that he passes on each year to the U12s girls’ football team, who represent Spain at the DNC.