The world’s biggest football tournament
for children aged 10 to 12

South Africa Girls

South Africa Girls
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Vinotha for South Africa
08 October 2019

Live the Danone Nations Cup dream. Enjoy a most memorable experience as you celebrate being Danone South African representatives. xxx

The South African girls’ team at the Danone Nations Cup

The South African girls’ team joined the Danone Nations Cup for the first time in 2019. This was an opportunity for the team to take part in a women’s football world tournament for children aged 10-12. The South African women’s team is already training for the next competition and looking forward to many wins!


South Africa and women’s football

Women’s football, like in many countries, had to prove itself in order to be taken seriously. Seen as a sport reserved for men, South African women’s football has made its way through. After many years and the rise of women’s international tournaments, the South African women’s national team, also called “Banyana Banyana” has found its place and is now as well supported as the male South African footballers.


Amanda Dlamini, an ambassador like no other

Former captain of the women’s national team, Amanda Dlamini is the ambassador for South Africa at the Danone Nations Cup. She therefore gladly supports the South African players during the competition. As an international footballer, Amanda is aware of the opportunity that she has had to practice her passion. It is therefore natural that, since 2012, she has decided to help the young South Africans to achieve their dream, to become professional footballers.