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Japan Girls

Japan Girls
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Dave Mateo for Japan
11 October 2019

頑張る日本??! なでしこジャパン!
Go Japan! We are all cheering for you! And you all are already Champions in our hearts!
Enjoy and come home with a smile!

タカエ for Japan
10 October 2019


The Japanese team made respectable progress at the Danone Cup

The U12s Japanese girls’ football team is full of talent and produces a team game where nobody is left unaffected.  As proof, at the last competition in 2019, the young Japanese players finished in an honourable 4th place. To repeat such success and have an even better run, the Japanese girls’ football team is rigorously preparing for the next meeting of the competition.


The Japanese and football

The first Japanese women’s football championship was founded in 1989. Every year the “Nadeshiko League” pits the best Japanese clubs against each other. Following a few setbacks, the women’s national football team is one of the best in recent decades. Today, women’s football in Japan is firmly looking to the future with the next generation, which is ensured by a under 12s team full of talent.


Masakiyo Maezono, ambassador for Japan

Masakiyo Maezono has been the ambassador of the girls’ Japanese team at the Danone Nations Cup since 2018. His career is remarkable. He joined the Japanese national team at just 21 years old and has played for several international clubs worldwide. He is retired and is currently a sports commentator and promotes football to youngsters in Japan. During the competition, he works alongside the Japanese teams to provide them with precious advice.