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Japan Boys

Japan Boys
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Dimas for Japan
12 October 2019

Ayo semangat buat Tom ssb Disini rajawali (Indonesia) buat bian

Dave Mateo for Japan
11 October 2019

Go Japan! We are all cheering for you! And you all are already Champions in our hearts!

I-ponce for Japan
23 September 2017

Mina Gambatte. And have fun..

Japan at the Danone Nations Cup

Japan has taken part in the Danone Nations Cup since 2001. Winner of the cup in 2014, the Japanese team have also won many titles several times : best scorer, best goalkeeper, Fairplay trophy.


The Japanese and football

The Japanese took part in their first tournament in 1917. It was not until the Olympic Games in 1964 which saw football become popular in Japan. Nowadays, football is a sport liked by the young generations. Patriots at heart, the Japanese know how to encourage their teams in all competitions.  The Japanese fans are also known for being responsible supporters.


The Japanese ambassador : Masakiyo Maezono

Masakiyo Maezono has supported the Japanese teams as an ambassador at the Danone Nations Cup since 2018. This former international player is now a sporting commentator and the founder of a football school. After his retirement, Masakiyo Maezono has proven that football is a life-long industry. His exemplary career shows young Japanese people that sporting values can take you to the highest level.