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Italy Girls

Italy Girls
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Rajender for Italy
13 October 2019

All the best

Ava Greco for Italy
12 October 2019

Well if I can’t cheer on the Canada girls, I have to say Italy, as my family is from there.

Wish I was there in person, as last year was a dream come true. Xo

Mattia for Italy
12 October 2019

Italia vs Francia, tutti sappiamo come è andata l’ultima volta in una finale mondiale !
Forza ragazze, forza Italia!

The Italian girls’ team at the Danone Nations Cup

The Italian girls’ football team joined the Danone Nations Cup in 2017. That same year they won the Fairplay trophy. Women’s football is booming, but there are not many international competitions for girls. The Danone Nations Cup is therefore a real opportunity for young Italian girls to practise football at an international level.


History of women’s football

The first official Italian women’s team dates to 1968. They participated in many international competitions between 1981 and 1988. Organised by FIFA, the first women’s football World Cup emerged in 1991. The Italian national team stood out by reaching the quarter finals.
It was not until 1991 that FIFA organized its first world championship for women. The Italian women’s team took part in this championship and reached the quarter-finals.