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Stéf for France
22 September 2017

D’énorme encouragement à nos petits français, les filles du FC Nantes et les garçons du FC Girondins de Bordeaux. Profitez à fond et donnez tout pour rien regretter. Aller la France, aller, on croit en vous.

The French at the Danone Nations Cup

The French football team has been taking part in the competition since the beginning of the Danone Nations Cup and have not missed a single edition since ! France has won the competition three times and won the title of best goalkeeper and best scorer several times.


France and football

Le Havre Football Club is the first French football team, founded in 1872. The French’s enthusiasm to support their teams during national and international cups has not stopped growing since. The 1998 World Cup victory has increased the feeling of patriotism. From that point forward, all French people, whether they are passionate or not about football, come together to support the French national team.


Blaise Matuidi is the ambassador for France at the Danone Nations Cup

Blaise Matuidi is a midfielder who plays for Juventus in Turin. He quickly understood that talent was not enough to become professional. Hard work and tenacity have therefore become his key words to reach the highest level. His efforts paid off, as after several selections for the French team, he was crowned world champion in 2018. As ambassador of the French tournament, Blaise Matuidi provides support and shares his values with the French team of the Danone Nations Cup.