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Bulgaria Boys

Bulgaria Boys
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lychezar gigov for Bulgaria
08 October 2019

led gold

Преслава Найденова for Bulgaria
22 September 2017

Браво момчета. Стискаме палци. Страхотни сте. Най- добрите!!!

Bulgaria at the Danone Nations Cup

Participating since the first edition, Bulgaria won the Fairplay trophy in 2009. In 2014, and then in 2015, they reached the 10th place at the Danone Nations Cup World Final. Semi-finalists in the 2018 edition, the Bulgarian players are already preparing to take part in the next editions of the Danone Nations Cup in order to win !


Bulgaria and football

The Bulgarian football federation was founded in 1924. That same year, Bulgaria joined FIFA. In 1994, Bulgaria had its best football experience. During the World Cup they qualified for the last 16, then the quarter finals, which allowed them to finish 4th in the championship. Football is a very popular sport in Bulgaria. It brings together thousands of registered players each year. Full of enthusiasm, they closely follow the national and international championships.


The support of Dimitar Berbatov

The Bulgarian players can count on the support of many supporters, and also on Dimitar Berbatov, former player of Manchester United. He has been the ambassador for Bulgaria at the Danone Nations Cup since 2008.
His career is an example for the young Bulgarians who hope to play and to become professional footballers.