The world's biggest football tournament for children aged 10 to 12

24 September 2017
Red Bull Arena
United States
Zinédine Zidane International Ambassador
Boys' tournament
Girls' tournament
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Supporters Posts

Jared Val for Mexico
09 October 2017
How can i play for mexico, I am 10 years old.
mor gueye for Senegal
07 October 2017
bonjour je voulais m ainscrire dans votre centre de foot
Rafael for USA
07 October 2017
I would like to play for USA
Jhon de langel for USA
07 October 2017
I would like to join this team and play for USA I am 11 years old I want to know how I join this team
Leon for Mexico
06 October 2017
Me gustaría saber dónde se jugará la copa Danone 2018! Para planear el viaje saludos!
Chávez for Germany
04 October 2017
Cómo se puede competir para representar a México en la Copa 2018
Bryan Sarabia for USA
03 October 2017
Hi I'm Bryan Sarahi's and I will like to play soccer with u guys I really like it and I want to join the Mexico team if it's possible I've been playing soccer since I was 5 and I play midfield or striker or however you call it
Valle for Mexico
02 October 2017
Como se puede competir para representar a México en la copa Danone 2018? Gracias
25 November 2017

#Likeapro After a very impressive tournament and Final against Mexico, Argentina finished second of the #DNC2017 !

23 November 2017

#DNCPortraits #DNCCaptains How impressive it is being the captain of your national team and play football in a prestigious stadium like a pro! ⚽️