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2016 national final: May 31st

2016 winning team: Chicago Inferno

Web site:

Tournament Director, Mark Luster:

Senior Sales Manager, Channing Swears:

Tournament office phone number: 407-938-3805 

Supporters Posts

Kvt for USA
16 October 2016
We're a family of Americans in Paris- here to cheer for you! Great work!!
Baddie Ana for USA
14 October 2016
Don't give up!!! Keep it up boys
Just For Kicks for USA
14 October 2016
jerry Gudukas. (Carson's Granpa) for USA
14 October 2016
Go Inferno!!!
Elsy for USA
13 October 2016
We love you boys good luck team USA
Peggy, Bupa, Nani for USA
12 October 2016
Good luck Inferno!! Good luck Colin!!! Your Elmhurst fans!!
Gamboa for USA
25 October 2015
Matis!!!!! Gracias por darnos esa alegría y emoción!!!!! Te felicito por ese gran logro y que vengan muchos más!!!!
Grandpa for USA
25 October 2015
Congratulations Team USA! A wonderful tournament!