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The China edition of the competition begins in March 2015. It is expected to have 27,000 Chinese participants. The local tournament has three Regional Phases in China: the Center Phase in Guangzhou, the Southeast Phase in Huizhou and the South Phase in Shenzhen.

The classified teams within Regional Phases fight to be the champions of the National Final.

In China, DNC has become one of the most prestigious youth competition and gains support from Guangdong Bureau of Education, Huizhou Bureau of Education, and Shenzhen Bureau of Education.

2016 national final:June 26th

2016 winning team: Dongguan school

For more information about DNC please refer to the official website:

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OH for China
18 November 2014
Hi, my new friends~Good to see you. Playing match, cheering, laughing and enjoyable time..Bye bye~ Good luck in your dreams~~!!!
CRYSTAL for China
18 November 2014
中国男孩, 为梦而来! 头昂起来, 球带起来, 每一刻都精彩万分。
li for China
06 September 2013
Gu for China
06 September 2013
加油=3 =
for China
04 September 2013
CHANG for China
02 September 2013
for China
06 September 2012
GYwNmTjcn for China
25 November 2011
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