The world's biggest football tournament for children aged 10 to 12

October 16th
Paris, France
Zinédine Zidane International Ambassador
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Supporters RKF Carnissedreef for Netherlands
23 October 2016
You guys are amazing! Love the way you treat the kids. Keep going. Hope you guys win.
ortega for Argentina
20 October 2016
Buenas noches me podrian facilitar el mail de rrhh de Danone Paraguay S.A.saludos cordiales.
Philipp for Austria
19 October 2016
Super gemacht Burschen!! Weiter so! :)
Malla for South Africa
19 October 2016
Bravo au allemand, mais les japonais mériter de gagné
Сергей Крылов for Russia
18 October 2016
МОЛОДЦЫ!!! Достойная смена. Горжусь. Продолжатели лучших команд Бердска "СОКОЛ" (Новый Поселок), "АВАНГАРД"
Salem for Tunisia
17 October 2016
bravo bravo les gladiateurs vive la Tunisie vive Club Africain #3a9liya
immanuel elson for Indonesia
17 October 2016
indonesia bravo
Михаил for Russia
17 October 2016
Вы чемпионы!!!
28 November 2016

#DNC2016 portraits of 400 players, 32 countries on the world's biggest football competition for 10 to 12 years old. Here the smiles of Argentina and South Africa. #BelieveInYourDreams

24 November 2016

We had an extraordinary #DNC2016 in France in October. Congrats again to the 32 teams and 400 players who had the honor to play on the Stade de France pitch! Time to find out the key figures of the edition. #BelieveInYourDreams