La mayor competición de fútbol del mundo para niños de 10 a 12 años


Países Bajos



In 2008 Danone Netherlands started a partnership with the Richard Krajicek Foundation in order to stimulate healthy habits and to play sports amongst children. Not only by education about healthy food but also about teaching them the importance of exercising. That is why we are closely working together with the RKF Foundation to organize the Danone Nations Cup in our country. With this tournament we eventually give children who meet on playgrounds a unique opportunity to play in a professional soccer stadium in the Netherlands and even in a big stadium abroad.

Several phases in the tournament: Preliminary Phases on more than 100 RKF Playgrounds across the country. The winners of these preliminary phases get a ticket to the Regional Phases. Almost 6000 kids participate every year in the DNC.

Then the national final is played with the 8 best Dutch teams.

Please, contact us for more information:

PRESS: Wieteke Lap-van Hunnik, Communications Manager Danone NL, +31631000090/

PROJECT LEADER: Raymond Scheffers, +31650879483/

If you would like to join the tournament, please contact the sports coordinator at your

local RKF Playground (

Toma parte en la DNC desde 2001

Equipo nacional en 2016: Rotterdam RKF Carnissedreef

Clasificación en 2016: 22°

Final nacional en 2017: 3 de junio

Mensajes de apoyo

Supporters RKF Carnissedreef para Países Bajos
23 octubre 2016
You guys are amazing! Love the way you treat the kids. Keep going. Hope you guys win.
Jan Donker para Países Bajos
13 octubre 2016
Veel succes gewenst maar vooral genieten dat je erbij bent. Heel veel succes namens Spartaan Katendrecht. We genieten oo afstand mee.
John van bokhoven para Países Bajos
12 octubre 2016
Hallo Coen, pepijn en kenan. Veel plezier in Parijs. Geniet ervan. Succes met jullie team.
Shahrokhi para Países Bajos
28 abril 2015
I wan't do My best on de games as A goalkeeper
stukart para Países Bajos
15 noviembre 2014
Coen Laurens, Heel veel plezier in Brazilie. Samen met je team, en ook met je vader en moeder en je twee broers natuurlijk. Groeten
utuglu para Países Bajos
14 noviembre 2014
What is the livescore in de match holland versus saoudi arabie?
alexander para Países Bajos
13 agosto 2013
kunnen we ook in het team komen of is het vast
hati para Países Bajos
08 junio 2013
Ik wil dat Leiden wint !!! oleeeeeee