The world's biggest football tournament for children aged 10 to 12


South Africa



The tournament is organized in close relationship with the SASFA (South African School Football Association). All schools from the 9 provinces in South Africa can register and participate in matches on a Regional. The top teams from each Region then competes in a Provincial DNC Final and the winning team from each Province competes for the title of the National Champions. The winner travels to the World Final.

Registration documents can be accessed from the following websites:

Contact person: Brandon Ehlers / Tel: +27 11 656 0548 / Email:

Participates in the DNC since 2000

"World Champion" in 2003, 2007 and 2009

2016 national team: Bennys Sports Development & Academy

2016 ranking: 14th

2017 national final: July 1st

2017 national team: Mophela Primary School

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Malla for South Africa
19 October 2016
Bravo au allemand, mais les japonais mériter de gagné
Zak for South Africa
16 October 2016
Allez les bleus vous êtes les meilleurs #danonecup
Masala for South Africa
15 October 2016
Kha i fhefhede nthantha ya afurika tshipembe vhatuka. Ni ri ita vhathu ngeno hayani Tshiozwi.
Rayan for South Africa
15 October 2016
Aller le bleus !!!!
Basil for South Africa
15 October 2016
ba bolayeeeeee Tsetse Fly!
Бердск-онлайн for South Africa
14 October 2016
Мальчишки, вперед! Не сдавайтесь! Весь Бердск, вся Сибирь, вся Россия за вас! Первые результаты показали - вы молодцы! Ждем новостей! Верим в вас! Любящий вас сайт Бердск-онлайн
Кристалл 2005 г.р. for South Africa
14 October 2016
Ребята удачи!!! Мы за вас болеем. Вы наша гордость.
Stéphanie for South Africa
13 October 2016
Bonne chance à tous les joueurs et pensee surtout à tous nos arbitres