The world's biggest football tournament for children aged 10 to 12





The Danone Nations Cup in the USA is part of the "Disney Memorial Day Soccer Shootout presented by Danimals", organized with Disney and ESPN. It takes place during one week-end, at the same time of other national tournaments organized for other age categories.

This year, the competition integrates an only-girl tournament.


Tournament Director, Mark Luster:

Senior Sales Manager, Channing Swears:

Tournament office phone number: 407-938-3805

Participates in the DNC since 2001 except in 2006, 2007 and 2009

2017 national team: Weston FC

2017 ranking: 18th

Supporters Posts

Rafael for USA
07 October 2017
I would like to play for USA
Joaquin Campo for USA
24 September 2017
Congratulation We are here so happy watching you and we hope everything is going to be fantastic we are so proud of you LoL hugs xoxoxoxo Hernando,Clara
Martin Arias for USA
22 September 2017
Good Luck guys!!!! Im so happy for you guys
Natalia palacio for USA
22 September 2017
So happy for all of you guys!!!! Let's bring home the trophy!!!
Isabel Botero for USA
22 September 2017
Good Luck USA!!!! Go USA!!!! Juaquito con toda!!!!! Love U Isabel
Andy Munoz for USA
21 September 2017
Lets go USA, show what we are made of. We were not raised with goats milk
Enrique Osorio for USA
21 September 2017
Guys congratulations on this achievement! Enjoy the games! Bravo USA
Marcela Duran for USA
21 September 2017
Boys Never Give up! Be the first one! Lets go USA