The world's biggest football tournament for children aged 10 to 12





The participation in the competition happens in the primary and secondary schools through the school sports association. This year the national final takes place in May 31st and the winner will represent Morocco in the international final of the Danone Nations Cup.

Participates in the DNC since 2001

"World Champion" in 2015

2016 national team: Atlas

2016 ranking: 10th

2017 national final: May 31st

2017 national team: Les Lionceaux de l'Atlas

Supporters Posts

Aziza for Morocco
16 October 2016
Bravo les marocains, vous avez bien joué, bon courage contre le Mexique merci merci merci
Ihlame for Morocco
16 October 2016
De tout coeur avec vous. Continuez sur votre belle lancée. Allez Allez ! Allez Allez
outman benfatih for Morocco
15 October 2016
bri nchark fi kaase danoun
Fouad Elalmi for Morocco
15 October 2016
Go Morocco Go Keep it up Boys and and bring the gold back home .
Karim Nadifi for Morocco
15 October 2016
Bon courage à mes petits frères et vive le Maroc
Marwane El ouakil for Morocco
15 October 2016
Bon Courage <3
outhmane mani for Morocco
14 October 2016
Viiiive le Marooooc bn courage les frères
Abdel-ilah for Morocco
13 October 2016
Allez le Maroc ! Jibouha ! De tout coeur avec nos petits pouces :)