The world's biggest football tournament for children aged 10 to 12


South Korea



The South Korean national competition begins early every year (January/February). It is simply called the “Spring Competition” and Korean young football players are really enthusiastic about this contest because they do know the last team deserves to participate in the DNC world final.

The Spring Competition is one of the biggest competitions covering all the South Korean elementary school football teams under 12. Also, it takes place in beautiful Jeju Island as the first football competition in Korea at the beginning of the year. Every team could test their own skills right after their Winter Camp and the competition goes on with several divisions like qualifying rounds, second group rounds and final tournaments.

Since it runs with 3 or 4 separate groups there will be three winning teams from each group and they will have one more chance to get the final tickets like lucky drawing of lots or the final matches after the competition. The final selection run by Danone will be held in March to April, and the last team could get the tickets for the World final. It makes every round getting more exciting and competitive for everyone.

Danone Nations Cup is the most authoritative competition U-12 in Korea which is operated by Danone and KYFA. It is expected to be developed more and more in South Korea with young players’ passion and enthusiasm just like how former DNC players have done so far.

For further information:

PRESS: / 82 2 519 8764


Participates in the DNC since 2009

"World Champion" in 2012

2016 national team: Daejeon Jungang Education School

2016 ranking: 20th

2017 national final: June 17th

2017 national team: Seoul Sinjeong Elementary School

Supporters Posts

6-1 for South Korea
14 October 2016
찬우, 동호 잘하고 오세요. 한국에서 응원합니다.
Jinwook Kim for South Korea
13 October 2016
지금쯤 무사히 파리에 도착해 있으려나요? 주어진 일정 모두 건강히 잘 소화하고 다치지말고 최선을 다했으면 합니다. 다른팀들 붙어보면 별거 아님ㅋㅋㅋ 좋은 추억 많이 쌓으세요. 갔다와서 다논 요거트도 많이 사먹고ㅋㅋㅋ 한국대표팀 그리고 함께가신 대리님 국장님 감독님 코치님 멀리서나마 응원할게요. 화이팅입니다! Believe in your dreams! Way to go boys
KIM for South Korea
26 October 2015
경기 결과를 떠나 우리 선수들 다치지 않고 최선을 다하는 경기가 되었으면 합니다. 한국팀 화이팅!!!
Li for South Korea
23 October 2015
대한민국 천사들 화이팅!
#99 정채현 for South Korea
23 October 2015
채현아 다치지말고 좋은경기에 많은 해외친구 사귀고 와. 화이팅!!!
재관 for South Korea
23 October 2015
채연이 화이팅!!!!!!우리나라 유소년 대표 화이팅!!!! 이길수있다!!!!
ler for South Korea
23 October 2015
정채연 화이팅
사랑이아빠 for South Korea
23 October 2015
정채현! 사랑이랑 천점 아저씨가 채현이가 다치지않고 축구를 맘껏 즐기고 행복한 시간을 보내기를 바란다. 화이팅~~~~