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Starting from 2003, The Danone Nations Cup has been successfully run in China for 15 years. Endorsed by FIFA, DNC is the only football tournament for the kids under 12 years in China. In partnership with local education organizations, the DNC has engaged over tens of thousands players from primary schools to participate in the tournament, while over 150 children players won the opportunities to take part to the international final in the past 15 years. This tournament is also a good platform to engage media and parents interests.

In 2017, the DNC China tournament kicked off on May 20th. A total of 120 teams from primary schools participate in the games. The final winner team will be selected on the regional final on June 25th.

For more information about DNC please refer to the official website:

Participates in the DNC since 2003

2017 national team: Houleyan Street Primary School

2017 ranking: 19th

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18 November 2014
中国男孩, 为梦而来! 头昂起来, 球带起来, 每一刻都精彩万分。
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06 September 2013
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06 September 2013
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04 September 2013
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02 September 2013
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