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To have the honor to represent Canada in the great adventure of the Danone Nations Cup, just sign up to one of the camps!

Selection process in Canada is in 3 steps: Identification Camps, Provincial Camps and the famous National Final – East Vs West compete to win their ticket to the World Final!!

To clinch a spot among the several thousand players trying out across the country: Free Registration at

Participates in the DNC since 2001

2016 national team: Team Ontario

2016 ranking: 18th

2017 national final: July 6th-7th

Supporters Posts

Kamer, Cynthia, Markus for Canada
16 October 2016
Job well done Team Canada. Good luck on Sunday final match vs Austria. Very proud of our Lucas and the rest of our boys & girls.
John for Canada
15 October 2016
Go canada
Aka for Canada
14 October 2016
Bonne chance à Team Canada avec Nathan-Dylan Saliba, profites bien de cette belle expérience footballistique Nath...Tout Longueuil est avec toi.. Go Go Go....:):)
Taleen & Kasbarian Family for Canada
13 October 2016
Olivia we are so proud of you. Good luck and enjoy this amazing experience.
Helena for Canada
12 October 2016
GO CANADA GO....Good Luck.
Frederick for Canada
27 June 2016
Congratulations Bryce and the rest of team Ontario on your 2-1 WIN! Paris, France here comes Team CANADA!! Best of Luck!
Sigur for Canada
25 October 2015
Great job Brandon and east team, 6th place is unbelievable. You made Canada proud. See you soon Brandon good job buddy
Family for Canada
24 October 2015
Brandon!! We are so excited for you! Keep up the amazing work! Paul, Melody, Nathan and Markus ⚽️