The world's biggest football tournament for children aged 10 to 12





The Danone Nations Cup aims to promo sports among children for a healthier life and for 16 years in Brazil has already involved more than 40,000 young people in this mission. In 2017, the cup brings several few features, starting with the format and inclusion of a women's championship. The tournament will be played in the 1st Play FC Amizade Cup, with 100% of students from public schools. There will be two championships: one male and one female, for children between 10 and 12 years old.

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First participation in 2017

"World Champion" in 2017

2017 national team: Centro Olímpico

2017 ranking: 1st

Supporters Posts

Marco A. Coelho for Brazil
24 September 2017
Centro Olímpico - COTP representando o Brasil na FINAL do DANONE NATIONS CUP. Excelente trabalho, desenvolvido por profissionais dedicados, abnegados e comprometidos que apoiam o sonho dessas pequenas GRANDES ATLETAS. Vai Centro, FORÇA, GARRA E UNIÃO. PARABÉNS, vocês estão fazendo história, revolucionando o Futebol Feminino.
Rodrigão for Brazil
24 September 2017
Bora meninas pra cima bora COTP VAMO BRASIL
Luiza Yang for Brazil
23 September 2017
Good luck Brazil Girls! You prove girls can do anything :)
Marco A. Coelho for Brazil
23 September 2017
Vamos lá meninas, muita força e muita garra. meio caminho percorrido e na liderança. VAI CENTRO!
Francis Silva for Brazil
20 September 2017
Para cima delas Brasil