La mayor competición de fútbol del mundo para niños de 10 a 12 años




The local tournament called Danoniada  has long history which  started in 1998. Since than thousands of Bulgarian kids from schools and clubs participated in the editions.

Now the  tournament has three Regional Phases and the classified teams within the Regional Phases fight to be the champions of the National Final.

 The only official football tournament for kids up to 12 y.o. in Bulgaria, recognized by Ministry of education and Bulgarian Football Federation. Official partner of the tournament is Foundation of Dimitar Berbatov/ the most famous football player in Bulgaria.

2016 national final:June 9th

2016 winning team: FC Botev Plovdiv

There are several channels available with all the information about the competition: ; our facebook page,

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Mensajes de apoyo

Vasilev para Bulgaria
28 octubre 2014
Davaite akuli! Pokajete kakvo mojete! burgas vi obicha i vjarva vav vas!
Margaritov para Bulgaria
07 septiembre 2012
Come on Bulgaria Haide momceta igraite si igrata i vsicko shte e ok
Hristeva para Bulgaria
07 septiembre 2012
We are people with glorious history. You should represent our country honorably. Do not be ashamed to call yourself Bulgarians. Дай канари!
Georgiev para Bulgaria
07 septiembre 2012
S vas sme mom4eta!!!!
Damyan para Bulgaria
18 enero 2012
zdr iskah da popitam dali mojem da u4astvame vuv turnira 4stna firma sme firma rashkovi za danon rabotim
PTlVLcsOqclfaDKI para Bulgaria
25 noviembre 2011
You've raelly captured all the essentials in this subject area, haven't you?
JD para Bulgaria
09 octubre 2011
Congratulations to Team Canada, your best finish ever. We are proud of you, Brogan, and the rest of the team for representing our country !
Nevin para Bulgaria
07 octubre 2011