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This year the tournament is totally new in Italia since this is a girl only tournament.

2016 national final: June 12th

2016 winning team: AS Roma

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DANONER: Valeria Surico / / +39 02 607461  

MEDIA: Roberta Recchia / / 02 72143566 

Supporters Posts

Matondo for Italy
01 January 2016
Good work guys
Tagliaferri for Italy
24 October 2015
Leoncini, siamo fieri di voi!
Tagliaferri for Italy
22 October 2015
The great day has finally arrived...enjoy every moment! Alla fine il gran giorno è arrivato...godetene ogni momento!
Donda for Italy
22 October 2015
Forza ragazzi!!!!!!! Crediamo tutti in voiiiii!!!!!! Fateci sognare!!!!
Brischetto for Italy
22 October 2015
All the teams, live the experience ! Enjoy it, have fun and make friends ! A special cheer to our Italian team ! Ciao !
Brischetto for Italy
21 July 2015
Forza Leoncini ! Siamo piccoli rispetto agli squadroni delle altre nazioni, ma non importa : divertitevi ed avrete vinto il vostro torneo !
OH for Italy
18 November 2014
Hi, my new friends~Good to see you. Playing match, cheering, laughing and enjoyable time..Bye bye~ Good luck in your dreams~~!!!
Carbonara for Italy
16 November 2014
Grazie comunque ragazzi